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Google and Google Scholar: Google Scholar

Ideas to improve your searching using advanced features of Google & Google Scholar.

Good Points

Google Scholar has many positive points:

  • Search across many disciplines and sources for scholarly literature
  • Helpful for beginning researchers in getting started
  • Good at finding obscure references that may be hard to find in some library databases
  • Helpful with finding the source when you only have a partial citation
  • Finds books, chapters, and magazine/newspaper (non-scholarly sources) in one search


..... and also some drawbacks


Google Scholar casts a wide net when searching. This means that you will want to make your search very specific to find the most relevant articles. Using the Advanced Search feature is an easy way to narrow your results.

This tutorial will quickly show you some of the highlights of Google Scholar Advanced Search.

Screen shots below give you an image of the Google Scholar Advanced Search options.

The Google Scholar advanced search screen