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Ancient World Religion and Philosophy - Hebrew/Hindu vs. Taoist Vision: Find Articles

Search Tips

  • Use strong keywords: Pick out the most important words/concepts in your research question. Use keywords such as those experts and scholars would use. These are usually nouns
  • Avoid terms that can be used in many settings (like effect, impact, develop)
  • Use Advanced Search and group keywords by concept: Use OR between synonyms (expands your results); use AND to combine different subjects (narrows your results)
    • dental OR teeth OR tooth OR oral
    • acid AND batteries
  • Search multiple endings of a word: Use asterisk, e.g., econom* for economy, economic, economies
  • Search exact phrases: Use double quotes. "Civil War"
  • Limit results: Choose publication years, scholarly or peer-reviewed, full text, etc.
  • Sort results: Choose most recent first or most relevant first

Individual Databases

Searching individual databases can give you more search options than the IRC Search Box (above).

The following databases may be helpful for this assignment.

IRC Search Box

For a broad search, start with the IRC Search Box.

This will search across our article databases (collections of articles), online ABC-CLIO resources, IMSA's books, and books at the 80+ college and university libraries. You can borrow most of those books.