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Modern World Fiction: Evaluate Websites

IRC resources on short fiction authors and their works

Evaluative Criteria


  • Does the author have expertise in the area?
  • Does the author provide credentials or professional associations?
  • Is contact information given?
  • Is it a .com site (commercial)


  • Can the site's information be verified elsewhere, e.g., in a print source, links from other sites?
  • Is there proof of research, e.g., a bibliography?


  • Can you detect any bias on the site, e.g., is the site trying to sell you a product or point of view?
  • Is the site sponsored by an organization or business?
  • Is there an "About" link?
  • Are there advertisements?


  • Is there a date of publication and/or a date the site was updated?
  • Are there dead links on the website?

Try these criteria out on this website: