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Microbes and Disease 20X20 Assignment: Get Started

Links to reliable resources + search tips for Dr. Schrementi's class

Tips for Finding Books

Try Search Box on IRC website:

  • Example:
  • malaria AND (statistic* OR pathogen* OR vaccin* OR virulence)
  • Limit to IMSA under "Institution" on left side
  • Browse shelves in 614-616 Dewey Decimal range

Try Library Catalog:

  • Search for your disease
  • Try these keywords:
    • medical microbiology
    • pathogenesis
    • virulence

Quick Links

Start with Reference Sources

  • Access Science - McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology R 503 MCGR 2007

  • See Print Reference Books on top of Reference Shelves where the 614-616 Dewey numbers are located.
  • Note: We also have statistical sources in Reference in the 310 and 317 range.