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Decolonization and The Cold War in the Twentieth Century - Smith: DVDs


La Bataille d'Alger  (video)  V. 791.4372 PONTBATT2004

The Dissolution of the Colonial Empires   325.3 ANSP DISS 1989

Empire: A Very Short Introduction   325.32 HOWE EMPI 2002

Empire in Africa: Angola and Its Neighbors   325.340967 BIRM EMPI 2006

The CIA: A Forgotten History   327.12 BLUM CIA 1986

Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II   327.12 BLUM KILL 1995

Veil: The Secret Wars of the C.I.A., 1981-1987   327.12 WOOD VEIL 1987

Secret Empire: Eisenhower, the CIA, and the Hidden story of America's Space Espionage   327.1273009 TAUB SECR 2003

Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA   327.1273009 WEIN LEGA 2007

For the Soul of Mankind: The United States, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War   327.7304709045 LEFF FOR 2007

War and Peace in Central America   327.730728 MCNE WAR 1988

Uncle Sam in Nicaragua   327.7307285 TESS UNCL 1987

Beginnings of the Cold War Arms Race: The Truman Administration and the U.S. Arms Build-Up   355.0335573 OJSE BEGI 2003

The Empire Project: The Rise and Fall of the British World-System, 1830-1970   909.09241081 DARW EMPI 2009

Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power   909.0971241 FERG EMPI 2003

Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference   909 BURB EMPI 2010

The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction   909.825 MCMA COLD 2003

The Cold War (Primacy Sourcebook Series)   909.825 HILL COLD 2006

Hard and Global Peace:  A Global History of the Cold War   909.82 JUDG HARD 1996

Modern South Asia: History, Culture, Political Economy   954 BOSE MODE 2011

The Emergence of Modern India   954 LALL EMER 1981

Guerrilla Wars of Central America   972.8053 LAND GUER 1993

Nicaragua: The Land of Sandino   972.85 WALK NICA 1986

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua   972.8505 KINZ BLOO 1991

Columbia Guide to the Cold War   973.9 KORT COLU 1998