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Environmental Chemistry: Write to Your Representative: Articles

Find Peer Reviewed Articles

You also need to find peer-reviewed articles on your topic. You may need to do a broader search than your specific bill. For example, if you find a bill that discusses cleaning up a specific pollutant in a specific river, you may not find anything on exactly that. In that case, look for articles on the specific pollutant or the specific river.

Use the databases below. ALL are peer-reviewed only with the exception of the IRC Search Box. So, when using the search box make sure to limit to "Peer Reviewed" on the left.

If you need any help, email me: I'm online every day.


What is Peer Review?

One of the main characteristics of scholarly journals is the process of peer review. Research articles under consideration for publication in a scholarly journal are sent to experts in the subject field (peers) for evaluation and comment (review). Journals following this process are sometimes called Refereed Journals.