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RISE Article Research & APA Boot Camp: First Steps

First Step: Activate Your IMSA OpenAthens Account

ACTIVATE your IMSA OpenAthens account. This will allow you to access IMSA's collections of articles.

You all should have gotten an email to your personal email account.

If you have not activated, please do so.

When you activate it, you will also be setting your IMSA OpenAthens passwords (which you will use ONLY for accessing articles that are in IMSA resources).

Your IMSA OpenAthens uername/ID will start with IMSA & then be your first initial & last name. For example, mine would be: imsacjames-jenkin


Second Step: Affiliate Yourself With IMSA on Google Scholar

1. Log into your Google Account

2. Go to Google Scholar

3. Affiliate Google Scholar Library Links with IMSA (this lets Google Scholar know that you have access to IMSA's subscription resources)