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A guide to DigitalCommons@IMSA and the IMSA Faculty & Staff Expert Gallery

Project Description

Student Portfolios in DigitalCommons began in the spring of 2020.

Since then, an interdisciplinary project team, that includes student representatives from LEAD, STUDCO, BHSC, and PME, has been working together to create a process for integrating the Student Portfolio project into the LEAD curriculum.

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Student Portfolios, that are hosted through IMSA's DigitalCommons, compile your information and scholarship in one place with options to archive or link to your scholarly work on other sites. This platform offers unique features from other profile services, including:

  • Turnkey Service: Let the Repository Manager help you begin your SelectedWorks profile.
  • Google Optimized: SelectedWorks profiles are optimized for discovery via Google and Google Scholar.
  • Archiving: Works completed while you are a student at IMSA will be archived in DigitalCommons and student scholarship will be featured in our institution and departmental Student Publications & Research
  • Google IMSA Branding & Inclusion in Expertise Search Gallery: Enjoy IMSA branding and be included in the institution's Student Portolios while you are a student at the school. Take your profile with you if you leave. Transfer your profile to another institution if they use SelectedWorks.
  • Citation Metrics and Altmetrics: Receive citation and usage reports for your scholarly works via PlumX.

Additional benefits:

  • Approved content imports directly from DigitalCommons into portfolios

  • Every student has selected content to begin a portfolio by the beginning of their junior year

  • Students can also include other work

  • Portfolios using this system are connected to over 500 colleges/universities within our consortium

  • Portfolios are portable

  • No additional software expense