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Defining Scholarship at IMSA

An IMSA Scholarship and Innovation Committee was established in August, 2019 by Dr. José Torres based on report recommendations from Research Fellow, Dr. Page as a way to deepen a culture of scholarship, research and innovation across the IMSA community. The purpose of this committee has been to create and communicate a shared vision, meaning and support for scholarship and innovation at IMSA, continuing its long tradition as a leading learning laboratory.

Strategy 4: IMSA360, Summer 2011

FY19 Final Report | Scholarship & Innovation: an Inquiry 2018-2019

FY20 Community Day Presentation | Scholarship & Innovation: an Inquiry 2018-2019

Models of Scholarship

Learning about scholarship. We turn to the work of Boyer (1990) who poses some interesting emerging issues for an academy such as IMSA in their consideration of scholarship and scholarly activity and the identification of four types of scholarship. This was expanded to five types by McNabb and Pawlyshyn (2014): The scholarship of discovery, integration, application and engagement, teaching and learning and digital scholarship. (Table 1).

Boyer ultimately posits that:

  1. There is a need for a more inclusive view of what it means to be a scholar,recognizing that knowledge is acquired through research, through synthesis, through practice and through teaching.
  2. Faculty reward systems do not often match the full range of academic functions, competing obligations, and to reflect new realities of scholarship.

IMSA Scholarship Grid