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IMSA Archives

“Preserving the present so the future will know its past”*


Welcome to the Archives at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

Housed in the Leto M. Furnas Information Resource Center, the Archives serves to collect and preserve materials relating to the history and ethos of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. The Archives includes both special and general collections with materials about IMSA’s establishment, led by Dr. Leon Lederman and Governor James Thompson. There are materials about the Academy's opening in the fall of 1986 and its development since, as well as about its ideas and programs and how they evolved. We have sample curricula, presidential speeches, samples of student work, as well as material about and from partnership programs for educators and schools. We have both student and institutional publications and we have a great deal of iconographic material ranging from posters to snapshots. All of the materials illuminate the lives of IMSA’s students, alumni/ae, faculty and staff on campus and out in the wide, wide world.

Select documents and images from the Archives can also be found within Archives & Special Collections on DigitalCommons@IMSA [DC]. In addition, some documents and images not otherwise available in IMSA’s Archives can be found in DC.

*Header quote: Inspired by the collections-campaign slogan of the Danish National Museum, seen in Copenhagen April, 2015. (Trans. by C.D. Nøkkentved)

Photo: Archivist, Dr. Christian Nøkkentved, and Archives furniture (made possible through the 2018 Hansen-Furnas Grant) 6.7.19

Disclaimer: In no way does the Archives attempt to fulfill IMSA’s obligations under the State of Illinois’ record-keeping requirements for state agencies. Those records that IMSA is required to keep are housed in separate repositories, like the Registrar’s Office for student records, H.R. for personnel records and so on.