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IMSA Archives

“Preserving the present so the future will know its past”*


The archive of an institution plays a key role as keeper of the institutional memory, a role fulfilled by gathered and preserved materials made accessible. 

Within this context IMSA's Archives and the Archivist provide, to the extent that resources allow, programmatic support to the institution by:

  • Curating collections and acquisitions 
  • Improving accessibility to collections
  • Staffing open hours for walk-ins
  • Providing Archives research assistance
  • Answering questions within and from outside of the academy
  • Documenting policies and procedures
  • Writing an Archives Annual Report
  • Collecting and analyzing download statistics from the online Archives & Special Collections
  • Aligning the work of the Archives with IMSA's Mission & Beliefs and 2022 Vision


The Archives also provides access to duplication technologies that are safe for most archival materials, upon approval:

  • BookScan Station
  • Epson large format photo/slide scanner
  • Slide/photo digitizer
  • Xerox B&W and Xerox Color copier/printer

Photo: Archives furniture and iMac, (made possible through the 2018 Hansen-Furnas Grant) 6.7.19

Exhibits and Events

The Archives also provides programmatic support to the larger IMSA community.

Annually, the Archives co-hosts an Open House with the library on the Saturday of IMSA's alumni/ae reunion weekend, that includes:

  • Displays of various collections within the Archives
  • Displays that are individually designed and mounted for each of the honor years
  • A Mondopad featuring Alumni Dissertations, lectures, photographs, and "IMSA: Our History" Interactive Timeline - Full Screen
  • Opportunities to participate in the Oral Histories
  • An opportunity to ask the Archivist about IMSA's history and the Archives collections
  • An online tour and document gallery for each of the honor years during the Virtual Reunions.


Over IMSA's 35 year history, the Archives has created various displays, mounted themed exhibits, and hosted different programs, like:

  • IMSA’s 25-year Anniversary
  • IMSA’s 30-year Anniversary
  • In honor of Leon Lederman upon his death - currently on display in administrative hallway
  • In honor of James Thompson upon his death - currently on display in the library


In 2018, IMSA was honored to host the 14th Annual International Student Science Fair, held for the first time on American soil, 6.27.18 - 7.1.18. In support of the 2018 ISSF program, the IMSA Archives:

  • Co-designed the primary display case in IMSA's main hallway that included a world map with the location of the 2018 ISSF participating schools and cultural gifts that were given to IMSA at ISSF conferences over the years by international partner schools and then donated to Archives.
  • Supported the ISSF Principal Program, held in the library by:
    • creating an exhibit in the library that featured IMSA faculty/staff, student, and alumni authors
    • assembling an exhibit within Archives that celebrated the Nature of IMSA
    • hosting a mid-day Open House for visiting principals and teachers




The Archive's display case, located in the Library, and the wall behind it serve as another site for regular exhibits on various themes using documents, images and artifacts from the Physical Collections.








Postcards from Abroad: sent to Dr. Christian Nøkkentved




        IMSA Christmas Ornaments: a selection

Top photo: Alumni Reunion; Archives Open House, 7.20.15

Bottom photo: Grace Yang '00 and Dr. Christian Nøkkentved: "IMSA and the Wide Wide World", Alumni Reunion; Archives Open House, 7.20.15