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IMSA Archives

“Preserving the present so the future will know its past”*

The Collections

The online Archives & Special Collections is available from the main page of IMSA’s open access institutional repository, DigitalCommons@IMSA [DC].




Goals of Archives' Digital Collections:

  • Document and record IMSA’s history and progress
  • Increase visibility and impact through worldwide access




The Digital Collections contain a significant portion of the material currently in the Physical Collection as well as content unique to DC. Unlike the Physical Collections, the Digital Collections are organized by topics/subtopics and chronology including, but not limited to: 

  • IMSA Founders: materials by or about: Dr. Leon Lederman, James R. Thompson, Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall
  • IMSA Alumni: Doctoral Dissertations, Masters Theses, Speeches at IMSA, and reunion materials
  • History: photo galleries and documents organized by time period and an interactive timeline of IMSA: Our History 
  • Publications: Annual Reports, Examples of Student Diversity, IMSA Math Journal, IMSA Profile
  • Academics: Course Catalogs, IMSAloquium Abstract Booklets, Intersession Catalogs
  • Archives Finding Aid: an index to the holdings of the Archives at IMSA

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Using the Collections

The Archivist and Archives Liaison evaluate collections and select items to be shared through Archives & Special Collections based on:

  • Historical relevance
  • Copyright permission
  • Physical condition
  • Available resources

It should be noted that not all materials are appropriate for inclusion in the Digital Collections.  For example, only student work that meets the Guidelines for Student Work in DigitalCommons will be made available through Archives & Special Collections. There may also be embargoed content within several of the digital collections, such as Dissertations and Yearbooks; these materials will become visible and available for download when their embargoes end.

The materials unique to DigitalCommons are selected by the Archivist and the Archives Liaison on the same principles as above, as are the digital format and organization.

Note: All references to materials held by the IMSA Archives should be cited appropriately, and we ask that any author who makes more than a few references to such materials deposit a copy of their publication in the Archives.

Archives & Special Collections Readership Map

Note: The interactive Readership Map may take a moment to load.