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IMSA Archives

“Preserving the present so the future will know its past”*

Collection Development

The IMSA Archives collects materials that evoke the life and history of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Student and institutional publications and near print
  • Faculty and staff publications and near print
  • Alumni publications
  • Curricula
  • Assignments and syllabi
  • Student work and presentations
  • Student art
  • Student co- and extra-curricular activities
  • Materials from/about residential life
  • Materials about the IMSA parent experience
  • Materials from/about alumni/ae

In general, the materials sought are those generated by members of the IMSA community.

All accession decisions are made by the Archivist based on the research value, relation to overall holdings, condition, and the resources required to process, store, access and interpret the collection.

*Use the Archives Finding Aid to locate the contents of specific record groups, boxes or binders.

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Note: The Archives does not collect materials from/about other institutions, except in very rare instances.

Gifts and Material Donations

All of the collections in Archives have been donated by IMSA’s academic teams, offices, various groups, and many individuals.

There are a number of ways that everyone in the IMSA community can help build the Archives:

  • Become active in collecting materials, and serve as our eyes and ears for potential donations
  • Schedule Archives to visit your department or office to assess materials
  • Keep Archives in mind when planning a campus event, and send email announcements, programs, and invitations to
  • Drop off printed announcements, programs, and invitations with the LIbrary staff or place them in campus mail, three copies if possible
  • Email, if you are leaving the academy and would like to donate IMSA related materials
  • Include on mailing lists for online newsletters and community emails
  • Mail your cherished IMSA momentos to Archives c/o IMSA, if you've left the academy and have decided to downsize.

Note: The embedded image is a link.

Disclaimer: In no way does the Archives attempt to fulfill IMSA’s obligations under the State of Illinois’ record-keeping requirements for state agencies. Those records that IMSA is required to keep are housed in separate repositories, like the Registrar’s Office for student records, H.R. for personnel records and so on.